Our Services

Home and Community Based Counseling (HCBC)

HCBC is designed to assist children and families who have a need for more intensive behavioral health treatment than outpatient therapy and is performed in a natural and comfortable environment.

Comprehensive Community Treatment (CCT)

CCT offers a high level of care for clients with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI). It is designed to help clients with SPMI, who are either stepping down from the more intensive Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), or do not need that level of service to live as independently and functionally as possible.

Early Intervention Psychosis Clinic (EPIC-NOLA)

EPIC-NOLA provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of adolescents and young adults who have recently begun experiencing psychosis. We are the first and only clinic of this kind in New Orleans.

Hospital Coordination and Transition Program (HCT)

A program designed to help individuals who have been hospitalized for mental health or substance abuse difficulties. Our primary goal is to help individuals to identify and take the steps to remain healthy and reduce the need to re-hospitalization. To do this, staff aims to engage clients while they are still in the hospital, remove barriers to treatment after discharge, and strengthen natural supports. This program is currently for Jefferson Parish residents only.

Outpatient Counseling Services

Individual, couple, and family counseling that establishes a safe forum to explore a range of issues in the context of a collaborative, therapeutic relationship. Our therapists are active and engaged with clients to deepen understanding, explore feelings, and develop strategies to solve problems.

Substance Abuse Services

We offer a range of services to assist with and maintain recovery including IOP, Outpatient & Aftercare and Educational Groups. All of our programs can serve dual diagnosis clients, and have staff trained in integrated mental health and substance use treatments.

Perinatal Infant & Maternal Support (PIMS)

PIMS provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment of pregnant women, mothers, infants and toddlers who are at risk for, or experiencing perinatal mood disorders, attachment issues, or have other mental health needs.

Supervised Visitation

Provides a safe and therapeutic space for family engagement and development. Our professional staff is trained to assist your family in supervised visits. Typically services are court ordered and tailored to the needs of each family.

The Cottage

The Cottage offers a confidential, supportive & home-like environment for growth and change. We offer a range of services to assist with stability and recovery including Adolescent & Adult IOP, Outpatient Groups, and Individual & Family Therapy. All of our programs can serve dual diagnosis clients, and have staff trained in integrated mental health and substance use treatments.

Workplace Wellness Services

These services are designed to supplement traditional Employee Assistance Programs and assist employees with managing stress, family conflict, workplace morale, and chronic health conditions that can be major factors associated with employee performance. Services are conducted at the workplace, via telephone and/or at Sinfonia/QLC office locations at times convenient for the employees.

All services are designed to meet the integrated health needs of each client. Clients and family members may be dual enrolled in multiple programs to fit their individual needs. Please call us to discuss rates and insurances.