Gainesville Program

The Sinfonía Family Services Office-Gainesville is part of the Community Action (CAT) Teams for children and families funded by Florida Legislature.

Sinfonía Family Services of Florida will provide CAT services to those eligible for these services in Alachua County. CAT is defined as a “community action team” that utilizes a multidisciplinary and person centered approach to coordinate treatment interventions and natural supports tailored to the individual needs of youth or young adults, allowing them to remain successfully in their community. Our team will consist of a team leader, case managers, licensed clinicians, psychiatrists and therapeutic mentors. The purpose of a CAT Team is to provide a lower cost alternative to state funded foster care, juvenile/criminal justice or residential care by providing alternative treatment settings for its clients. Services that will be provided include crisis intervention, development of natural support networks, case management, individual and family therapy, psychiatric services, family education, transportation, tutoring, substance abuse services, and therapeutic mentoring.

Sinfonía Family Services will be able to make a real,

measurable difference for kids who could fall through the safety net without the Community Action Teams. The teams will provide community‐based services to children aged 11 to 21 who have mental health or co‐occurring substance abuse diagnoses. Eligible children are at risk for out‐of‐home placement, poor academic performance, or multiple hospitalizations.